Night Realms - Mvt. 2 Lullaby

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“Night Realms” is a suite for band in three movements.  It loosely depicts three elements (or realms) from the hours of darkness.   The first movement is titled  “Starless Sky” and describes the feeling of looking upward into the night sky and seeing only darkness and emptiness – no moon, no planets, no stars.  It is melancholy yet almost spiritual in nature with a touch of vertigo.  


          The second movement, “Lullaby”, is based on the beautiful and simplistic Welch tune called Suo Gan (Sleep My Baby).  The solitude and peace of the night hours is portrayed by various treatments of this wonderful, haunting tune.  Some may remember the use of this melody in Steven Spielberg’s film Empire of the Sun.


          “Forgotten Dreams”, the third and final movement, is about those many dreams that we all dream yet never remember.  When the night gives way to morning and the darkness is replaced by light, those dreams - perhaps of beauty and bliss, perhaps of terror and fear – disappear forever into the depths of our souls.